Revised JANUARY 1,2017





Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg is committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the local, national and global environment for future generations.


Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg aims to achieve the objective of improved environmental performance through pollution prevention, increased staff awareness and continuous improvement.


1) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg is committed to the protection and enhancement of the local, national and global environment and strives for continual improvement of its environmental management system.


2) The ultimate responsibility for determining and ensuring implementation of the environmental policy rests at Covey Foods Ltd. board level with a designated board member. At Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg, responsibility lies with every manager, but specific responsibilities are held by the General Manager and the Environment Manager.


3) All employee's of the company are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with the company's environmental policy and objectives.


4) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will continually relate environmental considerations to wider commercial objectives and responsibilities to stakeholders. Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg is committed to the provision of appropriate training, personnel and resources to ensure that the environmental policy can be implemented effectively.


5) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg is committed to compliance in the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations, and maintain a proactive approach to the implications of future legal requirements.


6) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will continue to take steps to minimise any detrimental impacts on the environment caused by the operation of the hotel and estate. Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg aims specifically to minimise the adverse environmental impacts associated with effluent discharge, land use, emissions to air and waste generation through best available techniques as they emerge in order to prevent pollution and also to maintain water quality.


7) Environmental performance throughout Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will be regularly audited and evaluated. Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will ensure that objectives, targets and action plans are determined for reducing all significant environmental impacts caused by the operations of the estate. Objectives and targets will be regularly revised with the aim to continually improve the environmental performance.


8) All new developments will be evaluated prior to approval to assess their likely environmental impacts. At Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg particular consideration is given to any activity which may have the potential to adversely affect the property.


9) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg seeks to conserve natural resources by ensuring the responsible use of energy, water and materials by the continual implementation of the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and still provide the quality expected by our customers.


10) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will continue to implement a policy whereby environmental considerations are integrated into purchasing requirements, with regard to suppliers, their products and/or associated packaging.


11) Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will conduct rigorous and regular environmental reviews of all its operations to ensure compliance with the policy. Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg will review the operations of the environmental management system at regular intervals as stipulated by the environmental management system on the site.


12) A proactive, open and co-operative attitude to environmental issues will reflect Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg aim to be an environmentally responsible organisation.


13) Any and all enquiries relating to the contents of this policy may be directed to the General Manager at the address below.





Mark S. Covey

General Manager







Management will provide Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg with an integrated approach to identifying, managing and reducing risk, and at the same time stay ahead of legislation, manage the capital expenditure program more effectively and gain a competitive advantage. This is carried out through three main principles which are laid out in the Environment Policy, these are:


- Increased staff awareness,

- Pollution prevention, and

- Continuous improvement




Education and the Working Environment


Basic Requirements


  • All staff and contractors are briefed on how their job may affect the environment. If staff or contractors are working in an environmentally sensitive area they will be given specific instructions on how to minimize their impact


  • The health and safety representative keeps a record of accidents, their type and severity and copies this information to the health and safety officer. The health and safety representative also has records of incident forms.

  • Records of staff hours, sickness, holidays and overtime are kept, with a weekly time sheet being passed to the personnel department.




Energy Efficiency and Purchasing Policies


Basic Requirements


  • An energy audit of the site has been carried out and identified good housekeeping measures as the main way in which to reduce energy consumption e.g. switch off lights when not in use, utilize heating timers, turn off computers and keep windows and doors shut when heating systems are on.



We believe that the greatest asset of the hotel is its location, the grounds it stands in and its situation.

We see our role as custodians of this wonderful natural asset and we will remain committed to its long term sustainability. We believe it is imperative that we take all reasonable measures to preserve and maintain the immediate and wider environment for the prosperity and enjoyment of future generations and to ensure the continuing success and viability of the hotel. The continued commercial success of the hotel, we believe, in turn will further ensure the long term preservation and sustainability

We believe that our key impacts on the environment are energy use, emissions to water, waste management and emissions to air. In order to achieve our overall aims as stated above and to continuously strive to minimize all negative impacts of our operations on our environment, we will:




Fully comply with and keep up to date with all legislative and regulatory obligations and duties of care covering our operations present and future, requiring our employees and contractors to act in accordance with our environmental policy, for which we will provide adequate training and communication. We will also provide this information to our customers and seek their help in implementing it.


Energy Saving


Ensure that all new capital investment projects, ongoing maintenance and renewal programs are managed in a way which incorporates assessment of every possible environmental impact and will take appropriate action to keep adverse impacts to an absolute minimum. Future capital expenditure will provide for the replacement of current equipment as and when required with more energy efficient alternatives, including heating and hot water boilers, roof insulation, lighting, refrigeration and catering equipment.


Water Conservation and Pollution Control


Take all reasonable measures to save water and take action to reuse water wherever possible. Introduce pollution control measures to ensure that any run off of water from the estate into the Helford River is controlled and filtered to more than meet legal requirements. We will test the water quality and maintain records.

Transport and Local Purchasing

Take all reasonable steps to minimise and where possible off-set emissions and encourage our staff, suppliers and guests to help us in this initiative. Guests will be encouraged to enjoy the many activities available in and around the hotel all accessible without getting in their cars. We will continue to focus on purchasing from local suppliers and producers wherever possible.


Waste Management and Recycling


Reduce waste from our activities wherever possible, and where we produce waste we will maximize the amount that is either reused or recycled. All green waste will be retained and reused onsite.


Local Community


Act in a socially responsible manner in the conduct of our business and take a position of leadership in the local community in a range of activities, including environmental best practice, supporting local charities and support groups, providing opportunity to school and college students to carry out work placements and getting involved in local community projects and initiatives.


Who and How


Our environmental commitment will be achieved through raising employee awareness and incorporating those issues into the daily operation of our business. We will review our performance regularly and not less than annually in order to promote and facilitate continual improvements. Progress reports will be available upon request to interested parties.





Pet Policy


We welcome pets at Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg. The local area offers a wide variety of walks that we are sure you and your pet will enjoy. For advice on local walks and dog friendly beaches, please ask at Reception. Details of dog charges can be found in the hotel tariff.

We want to ensure both you and your dog enjoy your stay with us and hope that the following information and guidelines will prove helpful.

Dogs are allowed at Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg entirely at the discretion of the directors of the hotel. You should always check with the hotel about bringing dogs at the time of booking your accommodation. The hotel reserves the right to refuse any dog entry to the hotel and the right to request that owners remove any dog from the premises at any time during your stay, if the dog is deemed to be a nuisance to other guests or staff or has caused any damage to hotel property. The hotel further reserves the right to make an additional charge to dog owners for any cleaning or repair that is deemed beyond normal wear and tear.

The charges for dogs in the hotel rooms are:

For stays dogs are charged at $10.00 per dog per night.

As we are sure you are aware, dogs are not permitted in public rooms, and we would prefer that dogs are not left unattended in the bedrooms. If this is absolutely necessary, we would please ask you to inform Reception. It is our policy not to do morning or evening housekeeping service for rooms with dogs in them left unattended.

You are welcome to walk your dogs within other areas of the hotel grounds as long as they are kept on a lead at all times.

For health and safety reasons and in consideration of your fellow guests, please do not allow your dogs to foul hotel grounds or within the hotel premises. "Pooper Bags" are available from Reception to assist you in removing any "deposits" and bins are provided in the grounds.

In the unlikely event of your dog requiring veterinary assistance, our Reception will be pleased to help you.

We hope that you and your dogs thoroughly enjoy your stay at Howard Johnson Inn - Tillsonburg.